Disc Manufacturers

Dave Dunipace joined Innova Discs in 1983 to develop equipment specific to disc golfers. After completing their patent attorney search, they filed the first patent on disc made specifically for golfers. US Patent #4,568,297 established Innova as a the leader in disc technology. Today, Innova offers a complete line of discs for any skilled golfer.

Since then, the patent has expired and competitors were allowed to use the same technology. Now, there are several disc golf brands available. However Innova still remains the king of drivers. For mids, that’s Discraft’s strength, and Gateway has mastered putters. The best discs and manufactures are often debated, however.

The real issue with most manufactures are plastic quality and mold inconsistencies. Two discs of the same model can might have one fly overstable while the other is more understable. Inconsistency runs true with all manufactures, and the only true way to see which disc is the best for you is to go to a store and try out several comparing them to a disc you like. Online orders are often subject to waiting for it be delivered, sending it back, and then waiting for a replacement.

Disc are relatively inexpensive, so buying multiples of the same disc for various reasons is always an option. However, it gets harder to replace the discs when you never know exactly what to except with each model.

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