Disc Golf Overview

Disc golf is a unique game most played in recreational centers all around the United States and even in other countries. It is a cross between Frisbee and golf. The modern version is played with organized rules and tournaments have even been held all over the United States. What started out as a past time by flinging disc shaped objects to targets like trees has evolved with multiple types of discs used and throw styles.

It has definitely changed since Ronald Gibson and his buddies in Bladworth Elementary School first played at around 1926. This was the first record that a game like disc golf was played. Gibson and his friends first called it “Tin Lid Golf” mainly because they used the lids of the trash cans to hit targets like trees and fence posts.

Kevin Donelly then started the evolution of disc golf by playing it, then called Frisbee golf, in the recreational parks that he handled starting 1959. He was the first one to formulate rules and organize tournaments in the city playgrounds that he supervised. In 1965, a tournament sponsored by Wham-O had hula hoops for holes but with well-organized details like rules and penalties. George Sappenfield then started getting involved in the sport and started organizing games in the playgrounds in Fresno California.

In 1968, Sappenfield became Parks and Recreation Supervisor for Conejo Recreation and Park District in Thousand Oaks, California where he introduced the game to other people. He then contacted Wham-O to assist him by sponsoring Frisbees and hula hoops which they did. His friends in UC Berkley then started playing the game in the campus where a permanent course was made in 1970.

Disc golf is certainly an interesting game which is why it has become popular even outside the United States like Central and Western Europe, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Australia and Canada. It has an organized list of rules like establishing position wherein a thrown disc lands and comes to rest as well as penalty for out of bounds disc and even an organized system on who will tee off first which will depend on the players’ standing on the scorecard.

There are a range of discs that are used in a game like a putter which resembles the conventional Frisbee. The mid-range discs a bit of a sharper edge thus giving it improved aerodynamics and finally, the driver which has sharp and beveled edge.

This game definitely an exciting park game but can you imagine if it was played in large indoor area like the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas Nevada. Sure, it sound unlikely for now but then again all big games started from humble beginnings.

Basketball started as a women’s game for instance. With the wide area of the MGM Grand Garden Arena, a large match can be organized and can be viewed by thousands of people. Who knows, in a few decades, disc golf just might become the next best thing in sports. It is certainly exciting enough to have that potential.